Thursday, June 5, 2014

No response.

It's been a week now, and my neurologist has not responded. He's been emailed twice, and still, no response. He doesn't have to wake up of a morning, not knowing how you will feel for the next 4-5 hours. Not knowing, whether a big one will hit or not. Not knowing how you will eat that day, feeling depressed, and regretting ever taking the meds in the first place. Right now, I'd rather the seizures, than the anxiety thank you. I know I will regret it, saying that, but yes, I don;t like these anxiety attacks, and the worst ones, the black days, are after that lady time. They end up, that I'm waking in the morning feeling dizzy, and sick, even before I have taken my meds. I know those will probably come round again, and I hate it! I hate them! I want off Lamotrigine before those come round! Please, reply!!! I'm stuck, and I want rescuing.

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