Sunday, June 26, 2011

tonight's performance

Hello all. I thought tonight's performance at the Armed Forces concert went very well. Just to give you a treat.  There was a technical fault with the recording device but it managed to get the end of one song and all the rest.  Enjoy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Armed Forces Concert

Hello. On june 26, I will be participating in a huge concert on the Isle of Man. The concert for the Armed Forces on Veterans Day. I am excited about it but also nervous as it will be a professional setting which I have not really been exposed too. I wonder what it will hold? Good news though, I asked permission from the organisers and they said I could video and record the part I am singing in and share it with you all. Hope you enjoy this.
Samantha :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

coping with a slight cold when singing.

Hello. On the saturday before the music festival competition last week, I developped a slight throat problem and cough. I rested my voice, drank a lot of honey and had some olbas oil in my room. I was able, surprisingly to sing on the Sunday, gaining 87 marks, distinction. On the Monday morning, I got 84 marks, commended. However the judge said I had to "Look at the audience"On the monday night I sang Time to say goodbye and gained 83 marks, merit. However the audience expected me to be in the top 3 as they cheered very loudly when I had finished and before I went onstage. Apparently my hair shon in the lights. Now I am singing tomorrow, the last class for me, German Lieder, where I am singing Du bist Die Ruh. It means you are the Peace in English. I will update you on how I do there. I hope you've enjoyed this. Samantha :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

8 days to go.

there are just 8 days to go until the Manx Music Festival. I am starting to feel nervous with excitement as well. I hope that I do well in the competition and, even if I don't win, the experience is what couts. At least I can say I've done a competition :) Talking of feeling nervous, people keep coming up to me and saying they are nervous about something. I always say to them when they go onstage they will be fine, it's just the annoying waiting that makes them nervous. They can be a little nervous in my opinion, but not too much. Let's hope everything goes well for me in 8 days time. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the Manx Music Festival is getting closer!

Now there are a few weeks until the Manx Music Festival. I am still practicing. I cannot wait to go on to the stage as I will love the feeling of it. I will be a little nervous but not that much. I will let you all know how I felt after the classes are over.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

discovering my voice and its progress.

Hello. Today I was practising and I discovered that my voice sounds a lot fuller than it did last week. There is more vibrato and I now know where my passagio or bridge notes are. they are from f4 to gsharp4. I am very pleased with the way my voice is progressing now. I have been told there is a dramatic tone to it which is rather similar to Maria callas. I am not trying to imitate her though I can assure you. :) Enjoy. Samantha Jade Ash

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preparation for the Manx Music Festival competition in April.

Hello all. I am trying this again for the 3rd time. The other 2 times failed as safari quitted. It is now time for me to learn all my songs for the manx music festival competition in April. I hope I do well there. As I am totally blind, I can learn my songs by two ways, braille music, or by ear. I know how to do both of them. I will be a little nervous however, as it will be my first time on a propper stage. I have done small performances but not any like this one. I am not a professional opera singer yet but would love to be sometime :). Let's hope this works this time, or that the other two haven't been put up there as well. :) Samantha