Friday, August 30, 2013

The switch of Medication.

The switch. This is it; Today we received the letter from the Neurologist, giving instructions on how to change from Epilim Chrono to Tegretol Prolonged Release. This is probably one of the most terrifying things I’ve done so far, regarding my Epilepsy. It’s like taking medication for the first time. Like doing it all again. The “How will I feel? What might, or might not happen? HOw big are the tablets in size! Will I be able to tolerate them!”All those thoughts, and most importantly, will they stop the tremors, and electricity type feelings in my head. What will happen during the switch? Will both compete? Now I’ll be closely watched, and observed. I hope. I mean, what if something were to happen, and Nana did not hear, and I was alone. Dealing with the very thing I don’t want to be dealing with alone. Especially if it happened at night. What would I do? How would I come out of it safely. I remember the day all too clearly. The GP prescribed the Epilim for the first time. Coming home, I remember the feeling. What will happen to me. How will I feel? Will it change my behaviour, moods, etc. I was right on that score. I was more irritable. The moment came. Nana brought the tablets. I think, I had to take one, that time. Nervously, I put it in. Trying not to think of it, I drank some water, and with difficulty, swallowed it. Feeling proud of myself for doing it, I started to feel slightly more calmer. Now though, things are slightly different. It’s from one, to another. I just hope, to goodness, the transition is a smooth one. I hope the Tegretol is smaller than Epilim, and I can manage it easily. I hope I’m not in too much distress when I try to take it. Please, just let everything go as it should...

Monday, August 19, 2013

A change is coming.

A change is coming. Well, I went to the neurologist last week. It was my annual medication review. I reported to him about the arm tremors I had experienced while on my epilim. I also reported that when I was inbed asleep, I would experience a small jerk. Or my body would jump. Theneurologist said that was not normal on the epilim. In the end, he decided he wants to switch my medication to tegretol retard. I know the name is a little strange. I am nervous about the change. I do not know what to expect. For now, this is all I'll say in this blog as my journey of discovery begins, and experiment, I will let you join in. I will tell you what I am going through. Now my medication has arrived. we just have to study it, and wait for further instructions on how to begin the switch. I wonder what will happen.