Thursday, April 7, 2011

coping with a slight cold when singing.

Hello. On the saturday before the music festival competition last week, I developped a slight throat problem and cough. I rested my voice, drank a lot of honey and had some olbas oil in my room. I was able, surprisingly to sing on the Sunday, gaining 87 marks, distinction. On the Monday morning, I got 84 marks, commended. However the judge said I had to "Look at the audience"On the monday night I sang Time to say goodbye and gained 83 marks, merit. However the audience expected me to be in the top 3 as they cheered very loudly when I had finished and before I went onstage. Apparently my hair shon in the lights. Now I am singing tomorrow, the last class for me, German Lieder, where I am singing Du bist Die Ruh. It means you are the Peace in English. I will update you on how I do there. I hope you've enjoyed this. Samantha :)