Sunday, January 30, 2011

discovering my voice and its progress.

Hello. Today I was practising and I discovered that my voice sounds a lot fuller than it did last week. There is more vibrato and I now know where my passagio or bridge notes are. they are from f4 to gsharp4. I am very pleased with the way my voice is progressing now. I have been told there is a dramatic tone to it which is rather similar to Maria callas. I am not trying to imitate her though I can assure you. :) Enjoy. Samantha Jade Ash

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preparation for the Manx Music Festival competition in April.

Hello all. I am trying this again for the 3rd time. The other 2 times failed as safari quitted. It is now time for me to learn all my songs for the manx music festival competition in April. I hope I do well there. As I am totally blind, I can learn my songs by two ways, braille music, or by ear. I know how to do both of them. I will be a little nervous however, as it will be my first time on a propper stage. I have done small performances but not any like this one. I am not a professional opera singer yet but would love to be sometime :). Let's hope this works this time, or that the other two haven't been put up there as well. :) Samantha