Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My recital.

Well. It's nearly time. My recital with my friend Rachel is tomorrow. Already, I feel anticipation, wondering exactly how large my audience is going to be, and whether, I'll be in good voice. I've bought some honey, and I shall warm some water, and squeeze a little honey into it. For me I feel that it works. If I can, I will try and post a youtube clip of it up here. I really, really hope I've chosen the right repertoire, and my voice is pleasing on the ear, and I make a good impression. For me, if I have not made a good impression, and the audience are not happy with what they hear, then neither am I. I guess I'm a perfectionist. If you would like to view my youtube, it is samanthaash17 and my twitter is samanthaash1993 I hope, If I can post an audio clip, you enjoy my recital.