Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weaning off Tegretol.

Hi all. I am currently weaning off Tegretol and onto Lamotrigine. So far, I have increased the dose from 25Mg in the morning, and at night, to 50Mg twice a day. Monday was a bit interesting. At about 6:30, I started to feel dizzy, and sick. It interrupted my tea. I had to lie down. It then passed, and I was fine. Until 10:30 pm. Things went down hill fast. I went to bed, and felt hot. No, not a fever, just my face was bright red, which is the Tegretol's fault. Lying down, I noticed, I started to feel dizzy again, and sort of light headed, but not like you're going to faint. It's sort of unexplainable. I then felt sick again, not like I would vomit, but an unusual kind, throat and stomach churning. My breathing then started to increase, as I began to feel quite scared of how I was feeling. Not normal scared feelings either. I just felt alone, even though someone was just across the hallway from me. Even though my nan was a door away. Even though the door was open. I still felt alone, nervous, and didn't know what was going on. Why I felt sick, thirsty, dizzy, and anxious. My heart rate was normal. I kept feeling my arms, and legs, twitch every now and then, but that was normal, as they did that on Epilim and tegretol. i kept clutching onto the bed covers, as if trying to comfort myself, trying to tell myself, "yOu're okay. It's alright, it will pass, you're going to be fine. Trust me" I was slightly teary, and on both occasions. I knew, and felt everything around me, could hear normally, and was aware, I was in my room, in bed, knew the layout of the room and the house. I was not unconscious, or zoned out. It then passed, and I do remember saying to myself out loud, "I feel sick" and my voice was soft, and nervous. Very quiet, but you could hear the fear. afterwards, i went to sleep, and awoke a few hours later. Feeling shocked. "What the... was that? what just happened? What time is it?" time felt slow. Like the hours before had speeded up. The hour in which the anxiety, or what ever it was, had taken place, had speeded up. It was not normal time. It was like it was all a blur. Now time was normal, but slow. It was late, early hours of the morning perhaps. What had just happened? I will not know. I cannot judge though, whether it was the lamotrigine, or the Tegretol,, as I am not on the Lamotrigine properly. There is still Tegretol in my system. Only when, and only when, I am on the lamotrigine properly, can I then scrutinise it. Then we shall see, but right now, I feel lucky. I think I've struck gold. The experience begins tomorrow, Friday 21st march, when the morning Tegretol, is dropped. Lamotrigine goes solo. We shall then see, just how good it really is. Or if you want to be funny, just how good she really is. You could make it like a gameshow, The cube, for example, where concentration is of the utmost importance. You have to add humour to these things you know, even though they are serious. Then on Monday 24th march, Lamotrigine is increased to 75Mg at night, along with Tegretol, still. That's when things get really interesting. That's the "Here we go" moment. There will be a fight on your hands. One will be conflicting. Or, if we're going to go for the humorous approach, it's like Lamotrigine saying to Tegretol, "Move out of the way. I've come to take over your job. As you cannot do it as well as I can. At least, it seems so." so there you have it, the latest news on me. I hope you enjoy this post. :)

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