Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My experiences at the RNC.

It's been a while since I posted on here. I am now studying at the Royal National College for the blind in Hereford, and am in my second year. So far, I've coped with some amount of bullying, coped through firedrills, developed other problems, of which I have managed to cope with very well. I've managed to pass a few exams as well. I've also managed to make a friends with some of the students. At the moment I'm doing a BTEC Level 3 in IT. I find it very interesting, but some aspects are boring. Still though, my dream for going to a music conservatory livs on. I've done more concerts, gained a new singing teacher, and discovered many new things about the voice I would have never found out. I will try to keep you all up to date on my experience :) in the meantime, if I don't update before Christmas, Have a good one and a happy new year to all. A Happy thanks giving to my US followers, and I will see you next year. Hopefully the snow will arrive too!!!

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  1. Nice to read you on the blogosphere! Keep it up!